Attention: Influencers.. Can You Imagine Never Having To Prospect Again?

Dream of Having The TOP AUTHORITY In The Local Business Community Recommending

Your Products & Services

Even if you're just starting out and aren't quite sure what you should be selling

or... Have No Products At All!

Scott Powell


Rick Scherer


Are You Ready To Stop Looking For Prospects? 
Are You Ready To Stop Looking For Prospects? 
Dear Marketing Professional,

Have you ever wondered what the untold "secret" is to having a successful marketing agency?

Most of the gurus out there will lead you to believe it's some sort of rocket science...

That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I would say this secret is mostly common sense.

So much so that I feel a little silly calling it a secret :)

Nonetheless, if you focus on this one key strategy... your business will EXPLODE!!

There's a lot of hype around using FB Ads, Google Ads, direct mail, and cold emails to land clients...

This is not that..... because...

Those things are HARD... and Expensive

You need to use the power of LEVERAGE

Having Our Strategy...
You Will Never Have To Look
For Another Prospect Again.

This Is The Big Untold "Secret"

That Gurus Don't Talk About!


Well, to be frank... because it sounds like "work"!

And that typically doesn't sound sexy enough for people to invest their hard earned money into!

But I don't care about all of that. I just want you to be successful so I'm going to tell you exactly what it takes whether it's sexy or not!

Over the past year, we have developed & built a proven, solid strategy that is replicatable, even with no experience or no products of your own.

And I want to show you exactly how you can tap into this strategy starting TODAY!

Even if...
You currently lack focus
You currently lack a clear plan of action
You have a lack of confidence
You have fear of rejection

You constantly worry about the "What if's"
You're overwhelmed with all the services you could offer...
You have no products or services to offer at all
Don't feel like you're wrong if any of those items above describe you and your current situation.

I was sitting there in your shoes not long ago... continually buying every imaginable "bright & shiny" offer that never seemed to produce any income results... IT'S TIME TO STOP THIS MADNESS!

When I discovered this simple strategy, my agency was flooded with new PROSPECTS!

All you need is a SYSTEM like this that CONSISTENTLY puts you in front of prospects who are READY, WILLING, and ABLE to BUY from you right NOW!

Don't worry about learning how to provide the service that you're selling... That can be outsourced.
As a bonus, if you join our free webinar we will even help you locate the best outsourcers.

You can try to learn new ways to generate results for a local business until you're blue in the face.... 

But if you don't actually have a client to deliver those services to... what's the point?

This system will get you more clients than you need!


The only prospecting strategy you need to

grow your marketing agency!

And if the $17 offer isn't enough to cause celebrate, we are also throwing in...

3 FREE Bonuses Worth over $900!

If these three bonus gifts were sold separately, they would go for over $900, but when you accept our offer for the Local Chambers Masters Strategy course above, you can have them for FREE!

You will get...

Bonus 1: Receive a 1-on-1, 30 minute personal coaching call with the co-founder of Local Chamber Masters, Scott Powell, to have him map out how to use this strategy personally for you, so you can see more success faster with this course. Normally $250 yours absolutely free when you take action now on the Local Chamber Masters $17 Offer below.

Bonus 2: Receive a Review Video for your business from Local Chamber Masters to use for your marketing efforts with the chamber or your business. Normally $197, yours absolutely free when you take action now on the Local Chamber Masters $17 Offer below.

Bonus 3: Receive a Master Class Training where we do a "Deep Dive" into our strategy. This training alone is normally $499, yours absolutely free when you take action now on the Local Chamber Masters $17 Offer below.

What You'll Be Getting.. Aside From The Bonuses

How the Chamber strategy came about

Why working with Chambers is a good idea

Where to find Chambers and Chamber contacts

What to Offer a Chamber of Commerce

Package Offer For Chambers of Commerce

What to Say During the Initial Conversation

Overview of NDR (Non Dues Revenue) Chamber Strategy

Pricing Strategy for Chamber of Commerce Members

The Chamber Sales Process Overview

OK... So, you might be thinking what is a Chamber of Commerce?
Chambers of Commerce exist to help local businesses prosper, they'll do everything in their

power to help their members increase their businesses.

Chambers of Commerce are a form of business networks, for local businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.
Among the benefits chamber members receive are deals and discounts from other chamber members, listing in a member directory, and a variety of other programs and services designed to promote business activity in a region.

Chambers of Commerce are an overlooked resource for marketers which is why we believe our strategy is an

unparalleled opportunity for you to grow your marketing business or agency.

With that being said... a Chamber of Commerce offers you as a marketer a plethora of local businesses to offer products & services to.

But, as noted earlier... If you don't currently have products or services to offer or don't have the time to create these.. we have everything you will ever need to build or grow your business.

But There's One Very Important Thing You Need To Know...
This special launch price could end at any time.

Because this is a system that we actually created and use, we reserve the right to shut the offer down at any time and for any reason!

And we're all about simplicity, which includes giving you an easy decision to make.

So even with this special launch price, we're still willing to offer this insane guarantee!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our "Iron Clad" Guarantee

Use Local Chamber Masters Strategy for a full 30 days just as we showed you. If you don't believe working with a Chamber of Commerce is a great way to put prospects at your front door, we'll happily refund every penny!

This works 100% so I know you are going to get results if you use it! If you're a serial refunder who buys and immediately asks for a refund without doing anything with the product, please move on and save us both the hassle!

We are here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions at all, email and we'll help you to the best of our ability!
Now That We've Put All The Risk On Our Shoulders... 
What Are You Waiting For?
Go ahead and click the buy button below before we come to our senses
and raise the price to what it should be!

Local Chamber Influencers Special Offer

Invest Today For Just

What Our Partners Are Saying

About Our Strategy

Ray Makara

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Limited Time Offer

This Offer Will Close On

Nov. 10th @ Midnight

Again, this is Scott Powell and Rick Scherer. We want to personally thank you

for reading this letter today. We can't wait to get your testimonial about all the

clients you're landing using our Local Chamber Masters Strategy!

P.S: Look, we all have a little "disposable" income that comes in week after week. The question is, what
do you spend it on? I recommend you take a very small chunk of that and invest it in a system that
you can use to consistently land new clients!

If you've read this far, you obviously could benefit from landing more high value clients. If you decide not to purchase today, you'll be in the exact same predicament tomorrow...looking for the next "big thing" that's going to help you get clients.

Don't do that!

Click that buy button and invest in the future of your business, today!

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